Umrah Hotels Available in Makkah for Umrah 2024 Booking

There are different types of hotel accommodation available in Makkah and Madinah for Umrah 2024.


  1. Mather al Jewar 500-550 Meter Hijra Road
  2. Majad Al Muhajreen 300-350 Meter Hijra Road
  3. Fundaq Jafria 500-600 Meter Hijra Road
  4. Al Juhani Ajyad Hotel 500-550 Meter Ajyad Road
  5. Johra Majd / Dari Majd 800 Meter Hijra Raod
  6. Jadat Al Khalil / Land Premium 1200 Meter Shuttle or by Walk via hijra road
  7. Fundaq Mayer Mayasser 1500-1600 Meter Hijra Road Shuttle Service


  1. Arjawan Al Madina 250-300 Meter (Gate No.07)
  2. Burj Mukhtara 270-370 Meter
  3. Al Ikram Palace 300-400 Meter
  4. Al Ikram Silver 300-400 Meter
  5. Karam Ajyal / Similar 550 – 600 Meter Bilal Masjid Side
  6. Fundaq Fursan Shuttle / Similar
  7. Jod Al Marjaan Shuttle / Similar


All hotels can be booked after confirming the availability of hotels and can be accommodated to different buildings in case of Saudi Building Authority issues like temporarily closure of hotels happened in Dec 2023.

All Hotel and transport vouchers should be received 48 hours before travelling, all relevant numbers of Transport and Hotel operators will be provided on hotel voucher.

Economy Hotels:

Sahiwal International Travel & Tours offer budget-friendly Umrah packages for 2024, including stays at economy hotels in Makkah. These options provide essential amenities suitable for a comfortable stay during the pilgrimage. Basic facilities such as clean rooms, bedding, and necessary services are provided to cater to the needs of pilgrims seeking affordable lodging options.

Mid-Range Hotels (3-star accommodations):

For those seeking a step up in comfort and amenities, Sahiwal International Travel & Tours also provide mid-range hotel options as part of their Umrah packages for 2024. These accommodations offer more services compared to economy options, potentially including Wi-Fi, in-room facilities, and additional conveniences for pilgrims.

Standard Hotels (4-star accommodations):

As part of their premium Umrah packages for 2024, Sahiwal International Travel & Tours include stays at standard 4-star hotels in Makkah. These hotels offer increased comfort, better services, and a broader range of facilities, including restaurants, gyms, enhanced room services, and potentially more spacious rooms.

Shuttle Services:

Sahiwal International Travel & Tours’ Umrah packages for 2024 may include shuttle services for ease of transportation between hotels and the holy sites in Makkah. Some packages offer this convenient service, while others may require individuals to arrange their own transportation.

Complete Umrah Packages:

Inclusive Umrah Packages by Sahiwal International Travel & Tours for 2024 encompass visa arrangements, flight tickets, accommodation, transportation, and sometimes guidance throughout the pilgrimage. These comprehensive packages are designed to simplify the entire process, providing a hassle-free experience for pilgrims from Sahiwal.

Separate Hotel Bookings:

Individuals from Sahiwal seeking separate hotel bookings without including visa or flight tickets can directly contact hotels in Makkah through Sahiwal International Travel & Tours. This allows pilgrims to reserve rooms based on their preferences and budget for their Umrah journey in 2024.

Key factors to consider when planning for Umrah 2024 with Sahiwal International Travel & Tours:

Location proximity to the holy sites in Makkah. Amenities and services offered by the chosen hotel. Reviews from previous guests to gauge quality and experience. Additional services such as guided tours or special amenities provided by the hotels. Ensuring compliance with necessary visa requirements set by the Saudi government for pilgrimage purposes. By understanding these offerings and considerations, pilgrims from Sahiwal can personalize their Umrah experience for 2024 based on their preferences, budget, and specific accommodation and service needs during their spiritual journey.

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