Top Hat Ace Empowers Educators and Students Through AI To Focus on What Matters Most

Reimagining equitable learning experiences through a human-centered application of AI

TORONTO — November 1, 2023 — Top Hat, the leader in student engagement solutions for higher education, announces the launch of Ace, a groundbreaking new AI-powered assistant designed to create better teaching and learning experiences for both educators and students.

Since 2009, Top Hat has been making education more effective, inclusive, and accessible, and these new features further that mission by combining the latest advancements in artificial intelligence with the experience and expertise of educators.

“Higher education is undergoing a significant shift, and we believe AI presents incredible opportunities to enhance student success when applied in an intentional and empathetic way. These new features, all part of what we are calling Ace, are designed to improve the impact of instruction by making it easier to use evidence-based practices that drive student participation. In turn, this enhances the feeling of belonging and ensures students have the guidance they need to stay engaged in their coursework and persist in their pursuit of a college degree,” said Joe Rohrlich, CEO of Top Hat. 

“Our AI-powered features were developed with a data-informed approach to support both the creative and administrative aspects of course design and delivery. They give students on-demand, AI-enabled support without having to turn to a third party platform, while also freeing educators from time-consuming tasks like assessment and lecture prep so they can focus on teaching. With Ace, we are empowering educators to make the most of their time with students to emphasize applying knowledge, engaging in discussion, and collaborating with peers,” said Hong Bui, Chief Product Officer of Top Hat.

How students can use Ace

Personalized support is one of the best tools in driving better student outcomes, and Ace now gives every student the benefit of a personal assistant. Now when students are looking for help on assignments, they don’t have to leave Top Hat to find it—Ace offers AI-powered support on the spot. Students can ask questions about what they’re learning and Ace will provide a relevant response that is integrated with the course material, meaning they don’t have to look for answers outside of Top Hat. Ace invites students to engage more deeply with content, turning coursework into a more inclusive conversation that inspires them to work through the material with confidence.

How educators can use Ace

Ace supports educators with AI-powered questions that make it easier and faster than ever to integrate regular formative assessments into course delivery. With the click of a button, educators can use Ace to generate questions, hints, and explanations based on surrounding content in their course. The AI-generated questions can be added directly to lectures and quizzes or edited by the educator, ensuring instructors retain complete control over their material. Not only does this give students regular opportunities to practice applying learning and receive feedback rooted in their course content, it saves educators countless hours in course prep so they have more time to focus on their class. Data has shown that the more students engage with their learning material, the better grade they can achieve, and Ace allows instructors to easily build interactive materials to create a more engaging experience. 

How Top Hat is empowering educators to connect with their students

Students consistently express a desire for more active learning, more engagement, and more chances to interact with educators and their peers. Top Hat Ace gives them just that, while offering the opportunity for students to dig further into what they’re learning beyond what is required in their coursework. Ace also improves the depth and breadth of actionable insights collected on Top Hat’s platform, providing a better understanding of student outcomes, preferences, and the overall impact of learning materials and teaching methods. This is just the beginning—Ace will continue to drive innovation in Top Hat grounded in evidence-based principles, offering technological assistance for adaptive learning materials, studying efficiency, and making education more accessible to a diverse range of students. All of this work will follow Top Hat’s Guiding Principles on AI.

About Top Hat

As the leader in student engagement solutions for higher education, Top Hat enables educators to employ evidence-based teaching practices through interactive content, tools, and activities in in-person, online and hybrid classroom environments. Thousands of faculty at 750 leading North American colleges and universities use Top Hat to create meaningful, engaging and accessible learning experiences for students before, during, and after class. To learn more, please visit


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