Screening Sessions: Everything You Need to Know

Have you had a wealth screening lately? 

If so, I bet you are asking this question: “How do I work with my screening data to find qualified donors who can make a significant gift?”

Doing a wealth screening gives you a great start. But that’s just the first step – now you need to go through the Discovery Process. 

One way to do discovery on your wealth screening list is to run some prospect screening sessions. 

Try pulling together a small group of trusted advisors and look for names on that list that stand out. 

Who to include? Ask some of your board members to help with this process, and also consider asking some trusted donors who are close to your organization. 

These people should know how major gift fundraising works and can help you find out more about your top-screened prospects. 

Here’s the truth: These advisors can help you learn more about these special prospects who may be able to make transformational gifts. And they know people who know people – whom you need to know! 

Little by little, you will get clarity on how to prioritize your list so you make the best use of your time and energy. 


The prospect screening stage of major gifts fundraising is so important. 

Do your homework and you will find hidden gold – passionate donors who want attention and who want to help! 


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