NCUK reveals ‘pioneering’ pathway in Saudi Arabia

It is being hailed as a major milestone for NCUK, with the provider now offering its in-country pathway provision in 40 markets worldwide.

“Our university pathway programs will allow students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to undertake a foundation year program much closer to home, equipping them with the required skills to succeed whilst fully supporting them on their journey to university,” said NCUK’s chief executive officer, Stuart Smith.

The NCUK CEO was speaking at an event at the British Embassy in Riyadh on February 27, which was also attended by the UK’s International Education Champion, Sir Steve Smith.

Saudi Arabia is one of five priority markets for Sir Steve included in the 2021 UK international education strategy.

Sir Steve said the partnership exemplifies NCUK’s “dedication to widening access to UK education”.

“It is a testament to [NCUK’s] commitment bringing world-class higher education to students in Saudi Arabia,” he said.

“This initiative is about building a global educational community and enriching the academic fabric of both our nations”

“This initiative is not just about opening doors to the UK’s universities; it’s about building a global educational community and enriching the academic fabric of both our nations.”

In recent years, NCUK has announced several new partnerships in Pakistan, as well as in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

In 2020, it also revealed a major deal with Education New Zealand to enable students to access education at the country’s eight universities while borders remain closed. The partnership has also continued beyond the pandemic.

The NCUK International Foundation Year will begin in September 2024 at Advanced Learning Academy in Riyadh.

Students successfully completing the International Foundation Year in the city will gain direct entry to undergraduate degrees at more than 50 universities across five study destinations.

“The International Foundation Year Program is a significant development for the Saudi education sector,” CEO of Advanced Learning Company, the parent company of Advanced Learning Academy, Pak Louey, said.

“Our collaboration with NCUK provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to advance their careers by enrolling in leading universities around the world. The journey will start here in Riyadh, providing substantial savings, convenience and reassurance for parents preparing their children to study aboard.”




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