Illuminating the Legal Landscape: The Law 2.0 Conference

From July 10th to 12th, 2023, Epanty MBANDA, our Managing Partner, actively participated in the Law 2.0 conference held in Las Vegas, USA. The Law 2.0 Conference is one of the biggest in-person events that attracts and brings luminaries of the legal world on a global stage. 

Epanty MBANDA offered a presentation on that topic: “The Place of the Internet in the Development of Africa – The Case of Cameroon”. The conference covered pivotal topics such as “Principles of Consumer and Business Credit,” “The Psychology of Data”, “Compliance 2.0: Shifting From Risk Aversion To Risk Intelligence”, “Modern Client Expectations Need Novel Legal Solutions”, “Debunking The Myth Of “Reverse Discrimination – How Discrimination is Always Discrimination And Every Individual Deserves Equal Treatment”, “ Inclusion is the Key to Making Diversity Work”, “ The Revolutionary Technologies Set To Change Financial Services”, “ The World is Your Stage: International Investment Strategy for 2023”, “ Nurturing The Leaders Of Tomorrow In The Corridors of Law”, “ A Digitalized Future: Transforming Finance, Investing, and Capital In The New Era”, “ How To Gain An Edge In The Financial Markets”, “Law Firm Marketing Strategies: A Need of the Hour?”, “ Stop Responding To The Real Estate Market And Start Driving It”, “Creating Community, Not Consumers, And Fiercely Loyal Customers”, “ Insurance Risk Assessment Using Predictive Analytics”, “ Attracting High-Value Clients: What Firms Must Do to Thrive”, “Building a Green Future: A look Into Green Building Practices”,


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