Doc verification service EduVerifi partners with Gov of India

The company’s co-founder confirmed to The PIE that the collaboration was launched in February, and will enable EduVerifi to audit academic results from school to university level, eliminating difficulties that have previously been faced by students looking to study abroad.

Ansar Nagingar called the move a “revolutionary step’ which will significantly reduce the time and bureaucracy typically associated with traditional verification methods.

“The partnership is a testament to EduVerifi’s commitment to adopting cutting-edge technology to support students, educational institutions, and regulatory bodies in facilitating smoother international education and migration pathways,” Nagingar told The PIE.

The partnership, Nagingar claimed, will also enhance the accuracy of document verification across the board at EduVerifi.

“EduVerifi will leverage this collaboration to authenticate and verify identities and academic credentials directly, as well as financial information, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and reliable verification process,” Nagingar added.

The company has its headquarters in Australia, with an assessment office in Kerala, India, to help Indian students hoping to study in Australia get their documents in order. Their partnership with the Indian government is set to support both educational institutions and immigration authorities.

“The partnership is a testament to EduVerifi’s commitment… to support students”

Digilocker is ubiquitously used by Indian citizens to access digital versions of their identity proof documents and is part of the flagship Digital India Initiative that was launched in July 2015, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s aim to significantly imrpove the country’s digital infrastructure in mind.

The move comes as Australia’s latest Migration Strategy has introduced measures to crack down on abuse of the visa system, as well as bring down net migration numbers.

The Australian Association of Education Representatives in India also launched a petition, as a result of new measures, to advocate for students being caught in a “political crossfire” leading to high rates of visa delays – and rejections.


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