Do you have questions about applying for a study programme in Denmark? — Study in Denmark

A guidance counselor will give a brief presentation on the application process and then all questions are welcome. The live chat will be open for two hours each time and you are welcome to join the room for the full two hours or just pop in as you please.

The counselors can help you in the process of applying for a higher education in Denmark and with the application form at .

Click here to enter the live chat on the announced dates and time slots

Ask guidance counsellor about the application process

What you can expect to be answered

You can ask about different subjects such as admission requirements, standby and how to qualify to apply in quota 2. In the chat you can write your questions. The guidance counselor will respond with audio sound and appear on web cam.

To participate you must be on a device with internet access and the audio switched on.

The counselor cannot tell you about your chances for being admitted to a certain programmes and can not decide whether you meet the requirements for the different educations. However, she can guide you to find the right information or person to ask.

English taught study programmes at Danish higher education institutions

Does it sound interesting? And do you dream about studying in Denmark? Then remember that you can find an overview of English taught study programmes at Danish higher education institutions here


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