How Higher Ed Institutions Use Technology to Communicate

Higher Ed Institutions Deliver Clear Messaging Using Technology

Visual tools can be used to tell stories about student success, from academics to athletics, that can serve as recruitment tools for new students. Inside Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, for example, video walls share the stories of successful graduates of the program as a testament to the instruction taking place inside the building.

Communications within the university are just as vital. As more employees work remotely, their efficiency depends on staying connected. At the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, all 160 employees in the Office of the Chancellor rely on cloud-based collaboration tools to keep in touch throughout the workday.

Helping remote students learning in hybrid settings to feel like they’re part of the in-class experience can be integral to keeping them engaged. The clarity offered by modern audio systems allows instructors and students to communicate with each other effectively no matter where they are located.

Whether delivering a pitch to prospective students or helping members of a university community to collaborate more effectively, IT leaders have an opportunity to select technology that shapes the way information is transmitted across their institutions and beyond.


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