A2MEND, University of La Verne Partner to Empower African American Male Scholars

The University of La Verne is joining the African American Male Education Network & Development Organization (A2MEND) in a partnership aimed at fostering educational opportunities and supporting the academic journey of its students and members.

Dr. Pardis MahdaviDr. Pardis MahdaviFor this alliance officials deemed transformative, the university plans to extend its educational offerings to A2MEND students, advisors, and mentors through the introduction of the Partnership Award.

The award — applicable to most of the degree and teaching credential programs offered by the university — provides financial assistance to A2MEND students, college advisors, and full-time or part-time permanent staff at its 39 chapters across the California Community Colleges system. The award facilitates a range of educational pathways, encompassing online, certificate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs. Award amounts will vary depending on program and incoming student status.

“The University of La Verne Board of Trustees and I are honored to partner with A2MEND as we further exemplify our core value of diversity and inclusivity,” said University of La Verne President Dr. Pardis Mahdavi. “This partnership bridge exemplifies our joint commitment to crafting unique and exciting educational pathways to prepare African American males for future career opportunities that have yet to be designed, created, or realized.”

The tuition scholarship award ensures that A2MEND students and staff receive substantial support without compromise.

“The collaboration between the University of La Verne and A2MEND is an example of empowerment, fostering educational pursuits,” said Herb English, president of A2MEND. “Through scholarships, this partnership not only invests in the academic aspirations of students but also recognizes the pivotal role of advisors, creating a pathway for transformative undergraduate and graduate journeys.”


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